Wife Swapping Swingers

Once in a while a guy will call up that is into swinging, he and his wife love to play with other couples and have wife swapping parties or full on group sex. Many times they not only are into the wife swapping, but they usually seem to have interaction with the other men and many times their wives play with the other women, full on orgies of several couples. Most that have called about swinging seem to be older, in their fifties or above. That’s not to say younger people are not also into it, but most that have talked about it are older in my experience.

They just love sex, they don’t care if it’s a man or a woman, close your eyes and a mouth is a mouth, right? That seems to be their feeling, though many genuinely seem to love sucking cock and getting fucked by men. It’s surprising their wives are ok with this type of swapping, but they are fine with it according to the callers, though of course it could just be their fantasies, you never really know.

Some men, most I’d assume, would be too jealous to engage in this type of behavior, others even if not jealous, would just not be into sharing these things with others. Different couples obviously are into different things, and some really love the swinging lifestyle, there’s even full on conventions a few times a year in various cities. Some demand blood test results before being admitted to have access to the others. It’s one way to spice up your relationship, but it’s certainly not right for all couples.

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