What The Neighbor Saw Spying

I’ve always had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me and found it fun to either outright expose myself to men and pretend it was an accident, I’d been doing it for many years. When a new neighbor moved in next door, I knew it was my chance to show him some naughty things and shock him a bit. Of course I couldn’t be obvious about it. He was a nice looking man and I knew I wanted to turn him on. Our bedroom windows were right across from one another, so it wouldn’t be hard to be seen.

I would rub lotion all over myself when I’d get out of the shower and not bother to close the curtains, one time I saw his light go off and I knew he was sitting in the dark, watching me as I did that. I would get a bit bold and sometimes masturbate after I applied the lotion and I knew he’d be over there beating off to me watching stroke my shaved cunt for him. He appeared a bit tongue tied when I said good morning to him the next day casually. I knew why, I just played dumb.

One night I came in my room and saw his light on, I had a pair of binoculars with me and decided to see what he was up to, and he was rubbing his cock as he watched porn on his computer, he had a nice sized cock it looked like, I turned my light on and as if on cue, his light went out and I knew he was watching me. It was kind of fun to tease him and I did every chance I got.

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