Ooohh, Spank Me!

My latest boyfriend asked me how I felt about being spanked, and I hadn’t been spanked since I was a child and hadn’t really given it much thought, but I said he could do it to me and we’d see how it would go. He had me bend over the end of the bed at first and he didn’t hit me hard at all, and he asked if he could do it harder and I kept saying yes, until eventually I was having red handprints on my ass from him spanking me so hard. I did not think I would like it, but he was calling me a bad girl and telling me how I needed to be punished. It kind of turned me on.

We don’t do it every time we have sex, but once in a while when I like things a bit more extreme, it’s fun. I love being told I’m a good girl when I give blow jobs and please him, so to be told I’m a bad girl, is a fun reversal. Last week he brought home a blindfold and a riding crop. I’d only felt his hand on me until then, it was a bit extreme, but still, I kind of liked it. Spanking can be very playful and make you feel like a slut that needs and deserves to be punished.

Sometimes the sense of humiliation that a spanking can bring you is a turn on, when I was spanked a s a child it was because I’d either been caught doing something I shouldn’t, and I’d be shamed. Sex and that kind of thing, it can all get intermingled when you’re a grown up and not always make sense to our conscious minds, but it sure can be a lot of fun, whether we figure it out or not.

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