Look At Me

I’ve been told I have a beautiful body, and it’s true I do work hard at it, and I love to go out dancing once in a while at a local bar that has a larger than average dance floor. It’s fun to have everyone look at you when you know how to dance, and it’s also a great place to get picked up, which is usually why I go there. I’m horny and without a boyfriend, so I know I will get lucky if I make a bit of a spectacle of myself, I always have gotten lucky when I go there and that’s my goal.

I was dancing last night in a short, tight, black dress and knew several men were watching me. It’s nice to literally have your pick of men. So after I danced a few numbers I sat down at the bar and had several offers to buy me drinks. I accepted the one from the most handsome guy and we hit it off pretty well, and I went back to his place with him and he was as good in bed as he was good looking. I sucked on that large cock before letting him fuck me, and it was quite a handful to manage, I didn’t know if my pussy could handle it.

I got on all fours on the bed and he grabbed me by the hips and slide that monster into me in one thrust, I gasped from the girth of it. He really filled me up and I was squirming with that cock inside of me, I rubbed my clit as he was pumping me full of his meat and I was feeling so good as he pounded me. My hand was wet with all my juices, and I was rubbing my clit so fast, and exploded, and he came inside of me when my orgasm triggered his. I need to go to that bar more often.

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