Passing The Class

When I was in high school there was this one teacher I really wanted to fuck, I was determined I was going to have him, and I did end up fucking him eventually. He was a single father and he needed babysitters sometimes and he would ask various girls in the class to do it and one time he asked me and when he came back home both of the kids were asleep in bed and I could tell he’d had a few drinks, and I knew this was my chance to get him, he was more vulnerable and liable to give into his desires.

I checked on the kids one last time and when I was on my way out of their room I saw he was already in his room down the hall, so I went in and I closed the door behind me. He was already half undressed on the bed and I started to rub his shoulders and soon we were tumbling in the bed together and he had a rock hard erection, and I knew it was just aching to get into my teenaged pussy. I didn’t make him wait long. I was undressed in a moment and laying on the bed spread open for him, and when he slid that cock inside of me, I gasped with pleasure.

He fucked me better than any boyfriend ever had and I came several times on his cock. He knew just how to please a woman. His cock was long and thick and spread me open nicely, and I loved how he thrust and moved inside of me, it was insanely intense and I bit my lip to keep from crying out. We had fun several times after I’d babysat for him, and I have fond memories of our times together.

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