Cheating With The Boss

My husband has never had a sex drive that matched mine, few men could, so I’ve always had some fun on the side shall we say and never felt the slightest bit guilty about it. I started a new job recently and was instantly attracted to the boss and knew I wanted to fuck him shortly after meeting him. I could tell the attraction was mutual. There were several late nights at the office and a weekend away for business where my room was adjoining to his and it didn’t take long until I was in his room and we were fucking on the bed, away from the prying eyes of the people at work.

My husband likely suspected something was going on, but he didn’t say anything, he barely wanted to have sex once a month, and I was tired of his nonsense and would likely be divorcing him soon, so I really didn’t care what he did or didn’t know. I knew I was going to have hot sex with someone I was attracted to, and spend most of the weekend in bed fucking, and that’s just what we did.

I had his cock in me many times over the weekend, in my mouth and in my pussy, and he was a fantastic fuck. I think my husband knew I’d been cheating all weekend from the glow on my cheeks, but he didn’t ask, and I don’t think he really cared, he wasn’t willing to have sex regularly, so what did he expect. I think I will be getting to know the boss a lot better in the coming weeks and months, and I want to get to know his cock a lot better as well. Maybe some after hours fun on the desk is in order, I will be sure and start to wear some sexy underwear everyday for when things get hot at work.

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