A Few Moments To Kill

I was waiting for someone recently and had a few moments to kill, around twenty actually, so I decided rather than just sit there like a bump on a log, I might as well get off, since I’d been horny most of the day and it would be hours until I was alone again to do so, so I quickly undressed and rubbed one out on the sofa as I waited for my friend to arrive. I was already wet when I first slipped my hand down my panties and felt around for my clit, which was also of course stiff.

I just lightly teased myself, getting my fingers wet and smearing the juices around, and was soon plunging my fingers in and out of cunt driving myself wild. I brought myself to a few orgasms from my fingers. I do love to play with my shaved pussy. When my friend arrived, I’d already cleaned up and was sitting there with a silly smile on my face, she asked me why I was grinning like that and of course I didn’t tell her I’d been stroking my pussy for the last nearly twenty minutes.

I was so relaxed the rest of the evening after having cum a few times. I really do recommend everyone cum as much as you need or want to. Not everyone needs or wants to cum daily, some need to a few times a day, it just depends on your mood. There’s no better form of relaxation available to us than masturbation. It’s free, it’s healthy, it’s wonderful and you should be doing it a lot!

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