A Handsome Stranger

Sometimes a sexual encounter we are not expecting with a stranger can lead to very hot sex. Usually a quickie, mostly a one time thing, but a hot memory to enjoy for a lifetime. Last week I had a tradesman over to do some work. He was working in the basement, which is accessed through the kitchen and I was working away upstairs at the counter making some food while he was down there. There was some banging while he was down there, he wasn’t terribly long. I just assumed he’d come up when finished, I’d pay him, and he’d leave. I had noticed he was a nice looking guy when he arrived. I’d not seen him before.

I was standing at the counter chopping vegetables, not even much paying attention and all of a sudden I felt him behind me, rubbing his hands on my ass and nuzzling into my neck. I felt this wave of horniness wash over me and I didn’t stop him. His hands went from my ass to around my stomach and up to my breasts, squeezing them and rubbing them. I leaned back into him and felt his breath on my neck.

I was soon having my clothes removed without a word between us. He lifted me up to the counter and he unzipped his pants and took out his cock. I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt him ease his dick into my now dripping pussy. We kissed passionately and he fucked me right there on the counter. This stranger I’d never met until just over an hour ago and now his cock was buried inside of me up to his balls. I wrapped my legs around him so tight to get him as deeply inside of me as I could and I soon gushed my juices on his cock as I came and he then went off inside of me. It was almost surreal. I then paid him for his work and he left.

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