A Night At The Club


When I was in college money was tight and I needed a way to make decent money to help pay for school, so I became a stripper and even turned a few tricks in the VIP room on occasion. I put on a wig so I’d be less apt to be recognized and I danced at least three nights a week and make a lot more than other girls I knew working a lot longer hours in retail. I made cash and a lot of it and made even more when I’d agree to backroom lapdances and hand jobs.

I had several older men that were quite generous with me, they loved me writhing all over them and my sliding my hand in their pants and jerking off their cocks as I let them suck on my nipples. I always left with lots of money and that helped pay for school and some nice clothes as well, as there was ample cash left over after tuition. I didn’t mind giving the old guys a hand job once in a while, they were neglected by their wives and generous, so I felt I was helping them out and getting compensated at the same time.

One night a good looking young guy came in though and he was very generous, but he said he wanted to fuck me and I said it would be very expensive and I only took cash. He said he had a thousand dollars and I agreed, so we went into a backroom and he fucked me there right on the couch. His big, throbbing cock plunging into my cunt over and over, really giving my pussy a workout and he really did make me cum and he gave me all that money for less than thirty minutes of my time and attention. Working at strip clubs can have its advantages for sure.

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