An Orgasm For Christmas

I decided to buy myself a present for Christmas, I usually do. I had wanted a new sex toy and it was a bit pricey. Some of the models that are fancy are not cheap, so you are really making a small investment if something is nearly a couple of hundred dollars. So I bought the toy I’d wanted. After everyone had left on Christmas Eve, I unwrapped my new toy, from me to me. I looked at it and poured myself some wine. I let it charge while was reading through some of my favorite erotica stories to get myself extra horny.

I’d been reading a while and knew my pussy was all juicy and wet and ready to play. I fired up the toy and let it do its magic on me. Oh, it was wonderful! I slid it into my pussy and turned it on and felt it vibrate, and the inside had these rotating bead things and there were all kinds of patterns of movement. I had a lot of fun with it and it wasn’t long until I came from it. I had my naughty book in one hand and the toy in the other.

The next few days, that toy saw a lot of action, believe me. When my boyfriend came over I showed him and he wanted to watch me use it, which of course I was only too happy to oblige him. He used it on me and it got him aroused seeing me so turned on, so we fucked a good part of the day, pleasing one another and cumming over and over. He’s very visual, and loves to look at me masturbate. He loves seeing me with sex toys as well when I do, and he’s eve bought me a few in the past, including one of my favorites, a clit sucking vibe.

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