Ass Makeover


Last week I touched on anal bleaching and then further researched it. Yes, it started in the porn world, many girls once Brazilian full waxes became more popular, the full area is totally exposed with total hair removal, they then saw that the shades of skin were not all the same in that area. Since skin keeps renewing itself, the bleaching is an ongoing thing that needs to be maintained. You don’t just go through it once and that’s it. You need to maintain the results with occasional touch ups. You can get it done in the salon, but there are at home treatments you can buy, and they are growing in popularity.

Genital as well as anal bleaching is growing in popularity as well. Pink is what people want, not the normal discolorations that occur where the sun don’t shine. Some Dr.’s have said it’s not safe, that it can lead to problems if not properly done, with burning or scarring from the acids involved. That is your most sensitive area, except your eyes, so I can understand the concern. But the before and after pictures are dramatic, they really do look better, not a doubt. To have everything pink and even looks a lot more appealing.

I thought shaving was enough to look good down there, now we have to think about bleaching, they have jewelry for down there, I wonder what’s next? I read once how in the Victorian era pubic wigs were popular among prostitutes, since they usually kept themselves shaved to cut down on pubic lice, yet a shaved pussy was not desired then, so they wore these pubic wigs to look like they had pubic hair, since if they were seen as shaved, ones would fear they had pubic lice.

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