Away On Business

One place many guys call from is a hotel while they are there on business. They get bored and lonely, yet usually too afraid or cheap to call for an escort, so they call phone sex girls and masturbate and watch porn. Many talk about how good “hotel sex” is, and how horny hotels in general make them feel and they can’t keep their hands out of their pants while there. Several callers over the years have also admitted to indulging in fetishes while in hotels away from home and where their wives could never catch them. Everything from adult diaper fetishes, to shitting themselves wearing pantyhose, oh the things ones tell me……

There’s something secretive about a hotel, especially in a strange city with no hope of anyone you know finding out about what’s going on. Many hotels have premium cable channels with porn on them they don’t get at home they can watch and indulge in, it’s a veritable buffet fort he away from home masturbator. There’s just a freedom that comes with it. Some of course do have extramarital flings while away, since the chance of getting caught is about zero.

Some that will go with girlfriends and wives to hotels though while on vacation, they just seem to enjoy sex more in a hotel for some reason, it just holds an extra appeal to them. For many a more familiar environment would make them feel more relaxed and at ease and make it easier to orgasm, but for some, hotels definitely get them going like nothing else for some reason.

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