Bad Babysitter

In my teens I did a lot of babysitting, and some of the kids were not more than a few years younger than I was, but I still should have known better, but when you’re younger things just happen, they don’t seem inappropriate as they are happening, it’s sometimes only years later that things will take on a much different perspective than when they were happening.

I often sat for this one family over the weekend, the parents liked to go out of town for the weekend and I’d often stay over on Friday and Saturday nights and then they would return late Sunday nights. Their two boys were really nice, the one was younger and not much trouble, but the older one could be a handful, and he was too curious for his own good. One night after I’d put them to bed, I was so horny and been waiting for them to go to sleep so I could masturbate. I slept in their parents bed when I stayed over on those weekends.

I was finally alone, the house was quiet and I was rubbing my pussy so good. Imagine my surprise when I looked up and the oldest son was standing in the doorway watching me. I froze and he said he’d heard noises, my moaning obviously, and he came to see what the noises were. He walked over to the bed and asked if he could touch my pussy. I shouldn’t have, but I let him, and I told him how and he was a quick study. I made him promise to never say anything to anyone and he swore he wouldn’t. He then rubbed his cock after he made me cum. I didn’t touch his cock, but I watched him, and he rubbed my pussy many times after that first night when we were alone. I was a bad girl for letting him do it, but he seemed to like doing it and I enjoyed it as well.

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