Beasts and Blackmail

The city I am in has a housing shortage, and I do not make a lot of money so my options are limited. I found the perfect building and it was relatively cheap. The only issue was there were a few dozen people trying to rent the available unit. We had to be able to make some impression on the landlord as to why he’d choose us to live there. I knew as soon as I walked in to meet him he had his eyes on me and he got a devilish grin. I was afraid to ask why.

He said he’d agree to accept me as the tenant, but there was a catch. Here it was. I knew there was something. He then asked if I liked dogs, I said sure, I adore animals. He called his dog in, Rex, he called him. He seemed a friendly, likeable dog. I patted him on the head and didn’t understand anything more. He then said he’d let me stay there for free for the first six months if I’d let the dog fuck me right then and there. I was incredulous at his nerve, disgusted by his suggestion. Then he started to ask me how many units I’d looked at, a lot, how their prices were in comparison, a lot higher, how much money did I owe, a good deal. He brought up all these valid points. He said if I just allowed Rex to fuck me, my money worries would be lessened for the next half a year at least.

I was horrified but thought it over and agreed to it. I asked him if I could have a few drinks first. He happily got me some drinks. I then stripped and he had me lay back on the sofa and he helped guide Rex into me. I had a feeling old Rex was no stranger to this sort of thing. I stared at the ceiling and pretended this wasn’t happening. The landlord was rubbing his own cock as he watched this unfold in front of him. Rex was fucking me at top speed and soon whimpered and came into my pussy. The old guy shot his load, I ran for the shower nearly in tears. What we have to do for a place to live these days.

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