Bend Over, Bitch!



Holy crap, the stuff people are into never ceases to amaze me. Gaping asses have been the latest thing I’ve been seeing lots of pics of floating around. Anal sex does have its appeal to men, seeking a tighter hole than the vagina, and the gaping ass of a woman elbows down and ass up is what gets a lot of them going wanting to fill her with seed.

I can’t imaging having a gaping ass like that, anal leakage is no laughing matter for the ones stretched out to the max on a regular basis, do you really want to have to wear adult diapers because your ass is getting so much traffic? Many these days are not just looking for a cock to go inside, but a fist, fisting does have its fans and it’s always puzzled me, as they aren’t having a sexy good time on their hand, so how it’s of benefit to them, I do not know or grasp. I guess as long as both people are in agreement, so be it, but it’s just weird to me.

I guess the more forbidden nature of anal sex, ass fucking, backdoor action, whatever you wish to call it is greatly appealing to many. It’s just “dirty” to some and that in and of itself is the appeal. One guy I talked to that tried it said it didn’t do much for him, I think for many it’s just very submissive and dirty and that is enough to get them off. If everyone has a good time, so be it. I know how popular the topic is on phone sex calls, and most have said their wives or girlfriends will not do it, so it’s rare ones that are getting it on a regular basis.

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