Body Inflation


How anyone can be turned on by wearing a body inflating suit, I cannot fathom, but for every perversion out there, there is someone getting aroused with it. As a matter of fact I can recall when I was little and “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” was on t.v., I was just a little kid, maybe 4 or 5, they had to turn it off since I had a fit and started to cry when the girl turned into a blueberry with such an inflation suit and I kept screaming to turn her back!

Little did my little kid self know someone was likely stroking one out to that scene. My God,there really is no end to the madness that turns some people on. It would make it harder to fuck someone if they were all puffed up, and apparently, leave it to the Japanese, they even have actual things you insert down the throat and actually inflate your stomach with. Not only painful, but dangerous too.

Some will literally risk their health and the health of others in the name of sexual satisfaction. A suit won’t hurt them like that, but I can’t wrap my mind around how it’s appealing in any way. It is also a branch on the balloon fetish tree, “looners”, and some also into pregnancy fetish get this all mixed up. Balloons can be placed under loose fitting clothes and then blown up to have the same effect for ones looking to appear inflated. Very, very strange…..

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