Bum Fuck Me, Baby

My latest boyfriend is kind of into anal sex, I had tried it a few times in the past and not really enjoyed it, it just wasn’t for me. He convinced me to give it one more try though and he said he’d make it hot for me, so I gave it a try. He started by really going down on my pussy and making me very wet and juicy and he made me cum a few times with his tongue alone, and his tongue wandered down to my ass as well, which was not familiar to me, it just wasn’t something I really ever wanted or enjoyed, but he just told me to relax as much as I could, which after a few orgasms wasn’t that difficult.

Then he got up in front of me on his knees and held his hard cock in his hand and ran the head of it over my clit and my cunt lips and went up and down, teasing me, yet not putting it inside of me until I was just begging for it. Then he fucked my already wet pussy so hard and once I came yet again and his cock was just coated with my juices, he started to ease the head of his cock head into my tight ass and I tried to relax as best I could, my legs up in the air and he popped the head of it inside of my ass and slowly pushed on forward getting the length of himself inside of me.

I breathed deeply and just relaxed my ass as best I could as he kept plunging in and out of me. He reached down and rubbed the tip of his thumb on my clit teasing me as he fucked my ass. The clit stimulation was going to make me cum again, which of course was the idea, so I’d relax further and be able to cum as he fucked my ass. I did cum not long after and then he shot his load deep into me. Maybe anal sex wasn’t that bad after all.

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