Coke Heads And Drunks

man coke

You have to love the callers that call up that are drunk, or drugged. They last longer and obviously you then earn more since they talk longer and stay on the phone more. I had a coke head on the line the other night and I gotta say, I wish they called every night. This caller was not only doing coke and pot, but his wife was around as well and I said hello to her as she handed him his panties he was going to be putting on while I talked to him.

Oh it was quite the conversation. There were several lingerie changes and pics taken after each change and then emailed to me for my comments and then lipstick was used to write things across his body, and various things shoved up his ass from ice cubes to hairbrush handles. He doused himself in perfume and lipstick and wanted me to describe him sucking cock as well in between more coke and more pot as wifey was hovering around, what a pair, eh…

Drunks of course usually have the old “whiskey dicky” going on and usually cannot cum, or if they can after great effort, it takes them a good long while. So I never complain about the drunks, most are pretty darned mellow I find. I feel bad for the ones that can’t cum after all of their efforts try as they might. Such is the case with booze. Makes you horny, yet makes it more difficult to cum.

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