Controlling My Boss

I got this job recently and soon learned how very submissive my boss is, he’s a total wimp honestly, and very easy for me to control him. He’s weak and generous, a bad combination for his wallet, to be sure. He stutters around women and it’s very easy to make him blush, so I knew I’d be getting a raise in no time just from how easy it was to embarrass him and possibly blackmail him if need be. I know he loved to look down my blouse and I’d be sure not to wear a bra and then see him turn red as he saw my nipples down my blouse.

He was also a good looking man, and seemed unaware of his looks, he was kind of a geek, but a good looking geek, and I knew I could get him to lick my pussy any time I felt the need for it if I asked him. I asked him if he had any women in his life and he’d reply no, and look embarrassed and I’d ask him if he didn’t miss a woman, a woman’s pussy, and he’d be beet red and stammer yes. I told him to get on his knees and service me and he would, it was both satisfying and hilarious that I could control him so easily.

He was a push over, intimidated by women, me in particular, and soon I was controlling all sorts of things, at work, and sexually. He was pretty good in bed, but I did have to take the lead and liked it that way. I loved to sit on his face and have him lick my pussy, he was a good pussy licker and would do it until I’d had my fill. I’m not sure how long all of this will go on, but I will enjoy it while it does.

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