Cream Pie

Cream pie is surprisingly popular I have found. So many guys want to not only lick the cum of another guy out of their woman’s pussy, but their own as well. Many don’t want another guys cum, but are more than content to go down on their lady after fucking her. It’s a very popular dessert I have found out!

So many guys are into licking their own cum after they masturbate, that they are used to it anyway, so out of their lovers pussy isn’t too much of a stretch for them.

Cum play, forced cum eating and licking, it’s practiced by many, and a pretty pussy oozing and dripping with cum and love juice is just too good of a treat for these naughty boys to pass up.

Some are also into ass cream pie. One caller loves to hear me talk about guys fucking me in the ass, and then sitting right on his face and squeezing out every precious drop right into his waiting, eager mouth. Drives him wild to think of licking the cum of another man out of my pussy and ass. He cums so fast talking about it, he’s done in no time, so cream pie has a potent effect on those interested in it.

They like it warm and sticky and dripping and flowing freely out of pussies and asses for their pleasure. Sitting astride their faces, having it drip into their mouth, their lapping tongues twisting and turning to get every salty drop of spunk.

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