Creating A Cuckold Reality

One of the top calls we girls get is cuckold. You’d never think so many guys wanted to watch their women get fucked by other guys, but indeed they do, it’s incredible how many guys are into it. Small penis guys, guys with average dicks that just want to watch their wives get banged, it’s across the board and popular as hell. Not all are into fluffing the guys up or the cream pie pussy to lick out the other guys cum, but yes, many are into the whole scene of cuckolding.

Some want to see their women get pounded by big, black cock that’s five times the size of their little nubs, others are happy just watching their women get fucked by their friends, or their co workers and watching them take a huge dick that will spread them open and fill them up with potent cum to the point of overflowing. Some like to go with the impregnation route, especially if the guy is black that is cuckolding them and then they will have a half breed, coffee colored kid to raise and pay for and they will be made a fool of by everyone they know since it will be obvious they didn’t father the kid.

The humiliation runs deep for some of these men, they like being humiliated in every conceivable way, from the miniscule size of their dick to the fact they will have to pay to bring up another man’s child and will be the laughingstock, to the basic fact they cannot satisfy their wives and she needs t look elsewhere for gratification in the first place. Such is the life of the cuckold.

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