Don’t Waste A Drop

Some men are obsessed with their own cum and they call up and say they want you to guide them through licking up their own cum, but of course they chicken out at the last moment and then I laugh at them and tell them it’s cum, not battery acid. The ones that are flexible enough to get on their haunches on the bed and put their legs over the air so they can aim the flow of the cum into their mouth I encourage to do that so they can shoot it in directly, but not everyone is that flexible, but it’s only then it will go right in their mouth and not be spat out.

They seem to fret about it so, I’m not sure why it’s that big of a deal honestly, but ones will call regularly for years and want this cum, want this encouragement, but they just can’t follow through with it when they have a handful of cum and they wanted so badly to consume it only seconds before, but as soon as they orgasm, they just can’t, it’s bizarre. If they had a dominatrix behind them forcing their head in place as some other man skull fucked them they wouldn’t be chickening out at the last minute, they’d be taking it whether they liked it or not.

What drives a man to want something so badly, only to have it switch to the total opposite when the exact moment is upon them? No one will really know for sure. Some love to eat their own cum and slurp it up with gusto, no reservations about sucking it down, they do not waste a drop of it, yet others hesitate and cannot bring themselves to do that final act. Even they don’t know what drives them to such reluctance.

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