Drink From Me


One of my newer callers is quite into big breasts, big lactating breasts to be specific. He’s been with a pregnant woman before and for a time shortly after she gave birth and he said it was the hottest, most sexual experience of his entire life. He’s very breast obsessed as it is, so it was no surprise he really took to this sort of stimulation. He loved having the warm milk squirted on him and having it run all over his body and drip down onto his cock and balls.

When he’d been squirted on, she’d often give him a blow job and lick her own still warm milk off of him. He loved it and really misses the experience. He asked if I’d ever lactated and I have not so I didn’t have anything to compare his experience to that he loved so much. He’d even been on escort sites seeing if by some chance he could find a lactating escort to sort of relive this experience again. I said the chances were not great of finding a lactating free woman, since most about to give birth or having just given birth would already be part of a couple as it is. He knows this, yet the hunt continues.

So many men love breasts and tit fucks and nipples and sucking on them, it’s no wonder they are as obsessed as they are and with the rise of the internet and so much porn at their disposal, ones can search for and find just about any fetish they have in a few clicks of a mouse to be watching and masturbating to just what they want. If only it was that simple to find ones in real life as it was a topic and videos online.

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