Family Fun – The More The Merrier

One caller that’s into family fun likes to take it to a whole different level. Mom is of course popular and part of his fantasy, but he wants dad and granny too! It always starts with him and mom and then mom asking dad to come in and watch, and then granny wants her grandson. He likes the hairy pussy grandma has with all the gray pubes. (Hey, lots of guys are into that, the pubes thing.) He likes the idea of dad either fucking his ass or licking his ass as he fucks mom or licks her pussy. Full family involvement.

Granny of course has lots of experience and loves to fuck her son and grandson. Maybe even she can have dad’s cum licked out of her by grandson. He just goes wild envisioning such fantasies of the family fucking one another in a large king sized bed. Everyone fucking, licking and slurping up one another’s leavings. Not too many callers over the years have shown an interest in their own dad’s, but once in a blue moon you get a caller that is into the idea. Grandma makes an appearance more frequently than dad does, but you really do get all family combinations that are an interest to someone or other.

Does family fun interest you? Have you had previous experiences you’d love to tell one of our phone sex ladies about or have us talk about a long held fantasy of yours involving one of your family members? There’s always lots to talk about when it comes to sex and fantasies, and that’s why we are here, to help you explore that hidden and secret world you might be too embarrassed or ashamed about to share with your wife or girlfriend. We won’t be sharing what we know, your naughty secret desires are safe with us.

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