Fantasizing About Cartoons

Now fantasizing about non humans that are not animals is not your everyday fetish, but it does happen. Years ago a man asked me if I knew who Jessica Rabbit was and I said yes, the fictional cartoon character from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He thought she was really sexy, which she kind of was, but the thought of really fantasizing about cartoon characters sexually is just a little odd in reality. Ones have mentioned superheroes more often than I thought possible, like Batman and Wonder Woman. You really would not assume ones are having fantasies about fictional cartoon people, but it happens.

I guess only a psychiatrist would be able to get to the bottom of their fixations, but this is happening to some regardless. I guess the fact that if you Google any cartoon and then the word porn after, and find many results is a good clue there’s something going on. The Keebler Elves, more known for their cookie baking than sexual exploits, in fact have quite a few naughty drawings about them if you look for them. Same for Disney characters. It’s an odd world out there. There are guys thinking about fucking Cinderella and Ariel the Mermaid, that’s a fact.

There’s worse things to be obsessed with for sure, but believe me, everyone out there is not just thinking naughty, fairly normal sex thoughts, many are thinking things so odd, you could live a million years and not contemplate what they are fantasizing about. Have you ever been turned on by Wonder Woman or another fictional character? Ones into that whole furries thing and having sex with ones dressed up as mascots is sort of connected to this fetish as well. I’ll never forget the man that called that fantasized about the Easter Bunny. To him it was female, but there really are no words for something like this.

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