Fit To Be Tied

My boyfriend asked me if I’d be ok with trying being tied up, I said it sounded like fun. He’d gotten me these cute little lace tie things for my wrists and he tied my hands behind my back and placed me on my knees on the floor. He knows how much I love to use my hands when I’m giving him a blow job and touching him and making love with him. So it would be a real tease for me not to be able to use them. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out waiting for his cock and he told me to beg for it and say “please”. I did and he let me lick the tip of it.

I struggled at the wrists wanting the lace cuffs to break free, but they would not and I just had to accept it. I sucked his cock and he said I was a good girl. He then pulled me up and he laid down on the bed and pulled me onto him and told me to straddle him, which I did. I normally balance myself a bit with my hands on his stomach or chest, but was unable to do so with my hands tied.

I lowered myself down onto his raging erection and started to rock back and forth once he was within me. I had to be more careful of my motions, but it made me more mindful of the way I was moving since my arms were not able to be used. It was kind of different and exciting not being able to move in the normal way and being more mindful of all I was doing. He grabbed me by the hips and I bucked and I bucked against him until I came on his cock. He then untied me and gave me a lovely back massage, as my shoulder were a bit tight after being locked in that position. It was a fun night.

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