When You Fuck a Woman The Age Of Your Grandmother

Recently a caller was telling me when he was in college one of the jobs he had was as a delivery boy for a service, and several of the clients that would answer their door were quite elderly and unable to drive anymore, that’s why they needed a delivery service. One of the women he regularly delivered to was quite old, in her eighties, but well put together, he said when she was young she must have been strikingly beautiful, he’d actually seen some pics of when she was young and been quite taken with them she had in frames on a shelf.

She took quite a shine to him, even though he was only in his early twenties, and he knew she had a crush on him, she’d reach out and touch his cheek, caress his arm, and he knew the signs, and he didn’t know what to do. Even though she was old, he felt something towards her and said she looked a lot younger than her years. One day she was so bold and came right out and asked him if he’d sleep with her, that she hadn’t been fucked in over twenty years since her husband died and she really had a thing for him.

He was torn about what to do, he knew it seemed absurd, yet she didn’t repulsed him, so he agreed to do it and although there was no oral sex involved, he said she had a very tight pussy and she was actually pretty good in bed, and he’d thought of this many times over the years. They did it a few times and then he left for another job and he never saw her again. To this day, he looks at quite elderly women and wonders what their sexual thoughts are, and do they still masturbate and have sex of any kind. Many people do continue to be sexual for their entire lives, old age or not.

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