Gag Me, Sir


My new boyfriend, or should I perhaps say Master, has introduced me to a whole new world of BDSM and restraints. I’d never been gagged before, but he got a ball gag for me and I was made to get on all fours wearing it. I couldn’t speak, only grunt and I felt helpless, but I loved the sense of humiliation in wearing it and being his whore. He was rough with me and I was made to do things I normally don’t. I liked being made to do as I was told though, I felt helpless and weak, and oh so feminine.

He spanked my ass and lubed up his cock and I thought he was aiming for my pussy when I felt him, but I’m afraid that’s not the hole that got fucked and used. He fucked my ass and I flinched as I felt the big, bulbous head of his cock pop inside of my tight, puckered asshole. I was not one for anal, but I knew he liked it and he was going to have it, whether I was gung ho on it or not. I tried to relax as much as could to make it easier on myself.

He just fucked my ass with abandon, as I was there on all fours, gagged like a whore. I allowed him to use my ass, to spank me, to fill me with his seed until it overflowed and dripped out and back down my legs and pooled on the floor beneath me. I heard him grunt as he came and I collapsed on the floor in his cum. I’d not been able to say a word as I was gagged the whole time.

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