Getting Caught


Playing in public is risky, illegal, and hard to resist for some. Callers have told me countless times how they have masturbated in public, sometimes to show off, some loved the potential risk of getting caught, others just couldn’t wait for privacy. The car seems to be a very popular place to masturbate, parked on a busy street hoping for women to walk by and glance inside.

Ones have told me about doing it on a city bus, the library, all kinds of places. I saw a man doing it in a grocery store parking lot many years ago in the car next to mine, so I know first hand it’s going on. One of the funniest stories I know of first hand since it happened near where I live is the son of a prominent minister was pulled over on a road jerking off behind the wheel and a cop pulled up to see what was wrong he was pulled over and he was caught masturbating. Now that’s hardly public, but he was charged and the whole town knew about it and it embarrassed his family horribly, some even sent sympathy cards to his mother, that was one of the oddest things I’d heard, sending someone a sympathy card because your son was caught masturbating in public!

Some ladies like to entice their neighbors if they know they can be seen if they are in their backyards, or maybe their bedroom window is across the way and they “forget” to pull the shades down as they undress, get out of the shower or masturbate and they like to put on a show and claim their innocence if questioned about it. Ones don’t always have to be blatantly obvious in their exhibitionism.

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