Giving and Getting

Some men will love to get a blow job, but they will not pleasure their partner in the same way. We call these men selfish pigs. For men that enjoy giving pleasure as they receive it at the same time, sixty nine is their favorite number. Some callers even say going down on a woman is their very favorite, even more than getting head themselves. We call these men givers. They truly get their pleasure from giving others pleasure. Luckily my boyfriend falls into the latter category. He loves to feast on my tasty snatch any time I ask him to. I love returning the favor.

His lovely eight inch cock is in my mouth as often as possible. Sucking and slurping away on it, worshiping it as he slides his expert tongue all over my shaved pussy. No one has ever gotten me as wet as he does. I love to feel my cunt lips open for him, like moist petals on a flower. Opening to his probing tongue that’s seeking out my stiffened little love bud for him to nurse on. I have a very sensitive clit and just a few flicks of his tongue are enough to make me twitch with pleasure and make me wet for him.

He’s got big balls and I love to suck on those as well while I stroke his hard shaft in my hand. The way his veins pulse as I stroke him, I can literally feel his heartbeat in his dick, and I can feel it quicken as he gets closer and closer to orgasm. I love how he makes me feel and when his cock finally makes its way to my pussy after he’s teased my pussy with his mouth, I’m just in seventh heaven. To find a skillful lover is a true gift.

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