Grab a Granny

Many men like the older woman, the MILF is legendary, but there’s many men who like a significantly more mature woman than even the cougar or MILF. Ones her mom’s age, the GILF. The grandma you’d like to fuck. Now I don’t hear daily from men they are seeking out women in their seventies and eighties, but it’s heard a lot more frequently than one would imagine it is. A grandmother fetish might be a bit extreme, but there’s been countless times when even men calling in their twenties have expressed sexual interest in women that would be their grandmother’s age. Ones trying to get caught by grandma as they masturbate, taking her panties, all sorts of things.

Many have spied on grandma as she was getting dressed or out of the bath or shower when they were visiting. Took her panties to masturbate with when they had the chance, it’s not as rare as one would think for men to be doing these things. Once you embrace that most men are perverts at heart, there’s nothing that won’t surprise you once you hear it. Why should beating their meat to grandma’s panties really surprise you?

Some have fantasized about older women like this their entire lives, it’s not some new fetish that comes over them, it’s usually been there a long time and once the opportunity arises to actually get with one of these older women, they jump on it. They know some lonely widow that hasn’t had any attention paid to her in a long time will be a bit desperate for attention, so they might get lucky out of the woman’s sheer desperation, there’s all kinds of bizarre dynamics at play in cases like this. The experience as well is an appeal to many, they literally have decades of sexual experience to draw from that women their own age simply do not have. There’s guys out there lusting after the grannies, don’t doubt it for a minute.

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