Hair Whip

Some guys just adore long hair, long hair specifically done up in pigtails or braids. Not only does such a style emulate a more youthful appearance, but some guys that are dom enjoy tugging on the hair as handle of sorts. Others that have a true hair fetish love to feel the hair whipped all over their bodies.

Ponytails can resemble a whip, so sub guys can be whipped with hair. A pretty soft whip, but still giving them the same effect albeit lightly. Hair can be sexually used in either a sub or dom relationship. No one is denying the power of hair. Many religions require women to cover their hair at all times, as it is a thing of beauty, the crowning glory only to be seen and admired by the husband.

Hair is one of the most popular fetishes going after feet, nothing quite beats the feet in popularity when it comes to body objectification, but a silky head of hair can be used very sensuously indeed by a woman on her lover. Tickling him, teasing him, brushing it over his body like a toy and a plaything.

It could be fun to have your hair playfully tugged during sex, like reins in a way, especially if you’re into your guy taking control of you and using your body for his pleasure as if you belong to him. Could be quite arousing indeed for the both of you to experience hairplay in this manner.

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