He Blackmailed the Cleaning Lady

This caller was telling me how when he was younger before he left for college, that his family employed an illegal as their cleaning lady. She would come in and do the chores and be paid cash under the table. All was fine until he came home early one day and saw her pocketing one of his mothers diamond rings. He told her he’d not tell is parents what she’d tried to do if she sucked him off every day she was working, which was around three days a week. She not only was committing theft, but she could have been deported as well, so she knew this was serious.

She agreed to do it and he always made sure to get her alone either before he left for school or when he got home. He said this stopped when he went away to college, but he got hundreds of blow jobs out of her from catching her trying to steal that ring. He didn’t even really care about the ring, he more enjoyed that he had something on her and could hold it over her head, giving him the power. He said she was not attractive, but he wasn’t much for having luck with the ladies and he knew she was his best bet, sad as that sounds. She went along and said she’d never try anything like that again.

He said she was a good cocksucker and he would just close his eyes and not look at her while she sucked him. He said the feel of her lips up and down his cock was great, that she’d drool on his hard, young cock and make him cum every time. He also thought she secretly enjoyed sucking off a young guy, since what young guy, or any guy, would pay attention to a homely cleaning lady? She had very little to offer a man. He said he’s thought about it many times over the years.

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