He Couldn’t Get a Girlfriend

There’s no shortage of callers who just do not have luck with the ladies. They are either shy, have a small dick, not attractive enough, there’s lots of reasons. So many either turn to escorts or sex toys. Obviously sex toys are the safer and less expensive of the two options. Some even name their sex toys after actresses or porn stars they wish they were fucking. One such caller had gotten the artificial pussy with the ass cheeks like in the one pictured here. He would lay it on his bed and turn the lights out, only the light of the window streaming it.

He said in the near darkness he would imagine his dream girl face down in the pillow on the bed in front of him, ass up and him fucking her from behind. He said the sensation was pretty good, he’d have porn playing in the background, and after a few drinks it made it all the more real. Oh well. If that’s what you need to settle for, there’s certainly toys out there to do it that way. Many think that toys are just for the ladies, but there’s a lot for men and it’s a growing market as more and more men decide they too would like something to spice up their masturbation routine.

Lots of callers are using toys when they call. Dildos, prostate massagers, men also enjoy vibrators. Some will mention they are running one around the head of their cock and they love the sensation it gives. Ones into sounding will insert that metal rod down their dick and then hold a vibe on the exposed tip of the metal wand, vibrating their cock from the inside out. So if toys are enjoyable for you, why not. They don’t ask for a commitment and don’t nag at you. A worthwhile investment in most cases.

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