He Made Me Beg For It

Sometimes we do not know we will be excited by a certain fetish until we are exposed to it. Such was the case with my current lover and BDSM. I had no idea I had the submissive streak in me until he brought it out in me and it’s been the most exciting sexual relationship I’ve ever had and I love it. He asked me if I’d had any experience with that sort of thing and I said no and then he asked me if I’d be interested to try it and I was curious, so I said yes.

He started off using a blindfold and a flogger and then it went on to nipple clamps and handcuffs. I had no idea how arousing being restrained can be and how much harder it makes you cum when someone else is in control of your orgasms. You really need to trust the person for this to work effectively and it’s very, very hot when you find just the right lover that can push your buttons and bring you to heights of ecstasy you have not before discovered. I found my pussy getting wetter than normal and my orgasms being stronger. He knew just what to do to bring out the animal in me.

He wanted me to ask permission to cum, to beg for it and I loved that sense of submission and to letting him be in charge. It sounds odd, but it’s bonded me to him in a way I’ve never been with other lovers before. I know he’s responsible for my pleasure, and that turns me on and makes me want to worship his cock and satisfy him like no other woman has done before. I count the minutes until I will have his cock inside of me. The intensity drives me crazy.

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