He Made Me Cum

My latest boyfriend is the best I’ve ever had in bed. I literally cannot get enough of him. He gives me lots of things to tell callers about that we’ve been doing in bed, and heaven knows they do love all the gory, cum fill details! They want to know how often, how big, what positions, anything and everything there is to know about the sexual adventures we embark on together. He is a very romantic, sensual sort, so I had a feeling the sex would be hot before we even did it, and it was explosive. I do not know who taught him all he knows, but thank God for them, they have set a gift loose on the women he beds.

Sucking his cock is a pleasure, the way he responds, the sounds he makes, how he breathes, it is all so stimulating and erotic, nothing has ever made me wetter than this man does. I knew when I saw his seven inch cock that I would surely love feeling it inside of me when we would fuck, and that is certainly true. He plays close attention to my clit and makes sure he makes me cum every time he makes love to me.

Tiny, fast little circles all over my throbbing little love button, as his cock plunges in and out of me and I wrap my legs around him so tightly. Smearing my creamy wetness all over me until I’m writing with pleasure and screaming his name as he pounds my horny pussy over and over again. I just go wild when he comes at me. Every woman should be so lucky to have such a skilled, unselfish lover. There’s no shortage of orgasms in this relationship. The more you get, the more you want and the more you want to give to them as well.

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