He Said He Was Sorry

Lots of men cheat, that’s just how they are, some however are sorry they did (when caught anyway) and come back to you with flowers, or an expensive gift promising to never again stray. If they are sorry and women think they are sincere, many will forgive them and give them a second chance. Do not however be surprised if they repeat their mistake. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. One such caller was telling me about his recent romantic night with his girlfriend and their hot makeup sex. She’d kicked him to the curb a couple of months before when she found out about him and her best friend hooking up behind her back.

He said he showed up with roses and a romantic catered dinner and champagne and she seemed receptive to his overtures. He said she invited him in, and the people catering the meal set up, and they ate and then he gave her a lovely and expensive necklace she’d admired and then they went to the bedroom and hours of hot sex followed. He said he made sure his pussy licking skills were top notch that night, since he wanted to make her feel wonderful.

The night was all about her, he didn’t ask for a blow job, he just pleasured her from midnight until nearly dawn. Making love to her exactly as she preferred and he made her very happy. We all know however you can get along fabulously with someone in the bedroom, but things can be falling apart otherwise, but she said she’d give him another shot. He’s called for years, and I’ve heard this same story with several different girlfriends he’s been though. I’d stake my life it’s just a matter of time until he cheats again and the relationship is ended and the entire pattern will begin again with a new woman. Oh well, some people never learn.

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