Hey Baby, I Sent You a Dick Pic

One thing I can promise you phone sex girls are not in short supply of is dick pics. Unasked for, usually unwanted, they come in by the veritable truckload from guys that think we just cannot wait to take a gander at their manhood. It’s odd really, someone you don’t even know what their face looks like or in many cases their name and wow, here’s my genitals all close up for you to do stuff with. Do guys think we are turned on by their unasked for dick pics? Do they think they make us wet, want to masturbate at the mere sight of them? Trust me, we really, really don’t!

The tiny, puny, small penis humiliation dicks I can sort of understand, they want us to see how truly shortchanged they have been by nature, how pathetic their dicks really are. They want us to mock them and it isn’t hard, believe me. Any old dick will do to send a pic of though, it’s quite an odd social thing to do. If you whipped out your little guy at a bar, you’d be hauled off and might face legal consequences, it’s flashing, it’s a crime, yet to email someone a pic online, seems to be a total non issue for guys, they just send them out willy nilly to anyone they think should see it. Dating sites, social media sites, it’s insane.

Guys are so very visual, they cannot get that women are not. I often have wondered how blind guys manage when they side step all of this bullshit their sighted brothers revel in. It’s odd for sure, and doesn’t seem to be becoming any less popular as time goes on. So guys, if you want to know, they lady will ask if she wants to see it. The chances are very high she will never ask to see it, but keep taking the dick pics to admire them yourself. By all means, do it.

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