His Dog Licked His Dick

Sometimes when people masturbate they aren’t alone. They might call an operator or even be doing it in the room with a sleeping person or something similar. So this man was telling me how when he was a teen he had this dog, I had a bad feeling where this was going. He said he jerked off a lot as a teen, which is pretty normal. One time though his dog came into the room and walked right over to him and licked his cock head and at first he pushed him away because he knew it was wrong. But he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Soon the dog became a part of his masturbation routine. He would jerk off and the dog was content to just lick the head of his cock. He let him do it. He would just get hard and hold his dick and the dog would lap at the head of it and he’d cum and then the dog would lick him clean. He didn’t need to do anything to coerce the dog, didn’t put peanut butter or anything on his dick, the dog just seemed to like it. This went on for several years. He said every day he’d come home from school and do this.

He had a few hours until his parents got home from work and he was horny a lot and this became part of his routine. It went on until he went to college. I think lots of people likely do things like this, and just not tell anyone about them. There was a study years ago I read about how many that grew up on farms had experiences with animals, but since most people do not grow up on farms now, people have less access to animals other than regular pets, but ones are doing things with them as well.

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