Hot Girl Lovin’


To many guys, watching lesbian porn gets them hotter than standard guy girl action. They aren’t as likely to see real live girl on girl action, so it’s more sexy since not as available to them in real life. I can’t even count how many guys call up and say they are watching lesbian porn as they jerk off.

Two hot girls, not what the average day to day lesbians look like, many of whom are quite butchy and masculine, not the porn looking ones that are feminine and sexy. Horny and writhing all over one another as a guy looks on, maybe they meet in a club and get crazy on the dance floor, squirming al over one another, tits rubbing together as they grind on the dance floor, hands groping each others tits, maybe going under one another’s skirts, teasing pussy lips and wet clits with curious fingers as guys are getting hard looking on.

Moving to a darkened corner, one crouching down, the other hiking her skirt up and pulling her panties off to the side for the other to gain access to her cunt and lick it right there in the darkened corner of the club. Probing tongue, wet, shaved cunt, furtive licks and sucks to cum fast before any club employees happen along and break up the action. Biting of the lips to keep from crying out as a few guys looking on from the shadows, catching what glimpses they can. Just another night at the club.

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