Hot Sex In The Afternoon

The guy I’ve been seeing has a high sex drive, and I like it, since I do as well and my previous boyfriends often didn’t, so then they would get angry when I’d see other people to pick up the slack so to speak. I had the same day off last week that my boyfriend did, so we decided to spend the day fucking and see just how many orgasms we could have. I didn’t quite break my record, but I was nearly at that level. He’d an excellent pussy licker, so I put that skill to use a few times during the day.

He loves to just nurse on my clit, just sucking on it until I beg for mercy. I love draping my legs over his shoulders as he’s buried up to the chin in my cunt, teasing and wiggling that tongue all over my stiff clit, before flipping me over and grabbing me by the hips and just drilling that dick balls deep in that juicy snatch. I cannot get enough of him. My tits swinging wildly back and forth with each thrust and then that delicious feeling of squirt after squirt of his hot load being shot deep into me.

I do love sucking my own wetness off that cock of his, drooling all over it and kissing the head of his cock. Resting a while before going for another round. The whole day was like that. We fucked in the shower even after we thought we were finished for the day, but couldn’t stop and keep our hands off of one another. I’m not sure how long this level of desire will last, as it tends to wane in time, but it’s hot while it does happen. Sometimes having such a high sex drive can be a problem in relationships, that’s why so many guys call for phone sex, their partner can’t match them.

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