Hot Sex Under Water

My boyfriend and I recently went away for a week to a beach resort and he was so keen to try sex under water. I wasn’t really wanting to, but I said I’d go along with it, and I ended up having a good time. When we got to the pool there were some people in it, but we waited until everyone left and then we started to fool around, and everyone else had gone in for the evening, and it was getting dark, so we had even more privacy. I was stroking his cock under the water and he was as hard as a rock.

He was toying with my clit and he pushed me up against one of the side of the pool water jets to let the water pulse over my clit, which really did feel fantastic. I was plenty horny when he asked if I was ready to have his hard cock inside of me and he eased it in and slowly started to go back and forth. I was totally under the water and he grabbed my hips and just didn’t let go. I was loving the feel of the water over my skin, and the way he was fucking me. The buoyancy was a different sensation than you’re used to and it was all quite sensual.

I was feeling my clit get rubbed by his cock with every thrust he was making, and it didn’t take me long to get pushed over that orgasmic edge and cum, and he shot his load inside of me and we were soon resting at the edge of the pool, panting, and just feeling our bodies tingle after having a wonderful under water orgasm. I recommend everyone try this kind of sex at least once, you will likely enjoy it a lot.

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