Hot Times in the Hot Tub

Lots of people have sex and masturbate in a hot tub. I was in one recently with a few friends and one of them had brought a friend I hadn’t met before. of course when the bubbles are going at full tilt, you cannot see under the water. I had a feeling this new guy though was masturbating under the water. It came up to all of our shoulders practically, so it’s not like his arm was doing the tell tale pumping up and down, but just the expression on his face, the slight motion of his shoulder, I had a feeling.

I looked over at him and he gave me this kind of knowing smile. I wasn’t sure what to do, I didn’t want to say anything to the hostess in case I was wrong, and then I’d look like an idiot for saying something. I guess I will never really know if he was stroking his cock under the water or not, but I think he was. When he got in, there was a bulge in his swimming trunks. I’d noticed that, and that’s what gave me the idea he had more than a soak in mind.

Later on, he asked me if I’d noticed he was masturbating, and I looked at him wide eyed and said I knew what he’d been doing under the water and he laughed. He said his cock was really big and he’d love to show me. Why not, this party was boring anyway, so we went into a nearby empty rooma nd he took it out, it was impressive, I’ll give him that much. I still wouldn’t have masturbated in a hot tub filled with other people, but hey, sometimes horniness takes over and rules above common sense.

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