I Cucked Him

I married an older man, he’s older by nearly thirty years. When I got married I was young, so he was still fairly vital and active. He’s slowed down a lot though and that leaves me wanting in the sex department. I’m a vibrant, horny woman, and I’m afraid he’s a senior now and just cannot meet my demands sexually. I decided I was not going to go without just because he could no longer meet my sexual needs, so I started to fool around with one of the tradesmen that does work on our home frequently. He’s ten years younger than I am and has a fantastic body and sexual appetite.

I told him how it is and he said he’d be happy to help me out whenever I needed him to, so we’ve been fucking for months. My husband out about it though, but he felt bad for me. He knows he can no longer meet my needs, so he gave me permission to continue, but said he’d like to at least be able to watch. He’d provided me a wonderful lifestyle, it was the least I could allow. So that very night, the workman came back and bedded me, while my older husband watched from the corner of the room.

I felt a little self conscious, but that soon disappeared and I forgot he was even there watching. I was concentrating on my pleasure and how well my pussy was being filled up by this hot, young guy and how well he fucked me. I sucked his cock and he went down on my pussy, and I knew we were being watched throughout it all, but I was simply enjoying it. I hadn’t thought of things going this way before, but I could certainly get used to them.

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