I Deflowered My Son’s Friend

I’ve always had my eye on my son’s friend. I know it’s not right, but he’s such a great looking guy, I cannot say I’ve never thought about him while I masturbated. He seems kind of shy as well, and I have to admit that’s a turn on to me. My son’s friends have called me a MILF, and I’ve always laughed at that. I’ve flirted with my son’s friend a few times and he turned bright red, it was so cute! Recently he stayed over for a few days while his parents were away. They didn’t trust him to be alone, so we said we’d be happy to have him.

My son had gone out for the afternoon and his friend was home alone with me. I knew this was my chance to seduce him. He was innocently taking a nap and I smiled when I peeked in on him. I locked the door behind me after I went in. I peeled back the blanket and started to unzip his pants. He stirred a bit, but didn’t waken. I took out his cock and started to caress it and it soon grew hard. I stripped down and climbed on top of him. Then he woke up. He was stunned, speechless. To find his friend’s mom naked on top of him.

I pressed my finger to his lips and eased myself down onto his hard, young cock and it filled my cougar pussy nicely. He groaned as I began to move and I milked his young dick into me. He shyly touched my breast and I told him it was ok. He squeezed it lightly as I rocked back and forth on him. Needless to say since it was his first time he didn’t last terribly long, but it was a sweet and sexy moment and one we repeated several times.

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