I Didn’t Know It Was My Brother

I was adopted and always told I was, so it was no secret. I moved away to college and met lots of fun people, but this guy that was at this keg party one night, there was just something different about him, but I really liked him and I knew he liked me as well. I had several one night stands in college, so I just assumed this would be one more. It turned out a little different though. We saw each other several times and the sex was always just great.

I loved sucking his cock and he fucked me better than any other guy ever had. He mentioned during one of our talks that he too was adopted and we started to talk about things and we came to the horrifying conclusion that we were actually brother and sister, born eleven months apart to a very young mother. We were very upset at this revelation, but neither of us wanted to stop fucking, so we just kept things to ourselves and said nothing to anyone and continued to have hot sex. The thought that my brother was fucking me and making me cum so hard just drove me wild and the sex was so intense.

We would practically rip the clothes off of one another when we got together, which was several nights per week. He would whisper in my ear how much he loved his sister and I would just cum on his cock so hard when he would say that. I was on the pill, so he would cum inside of me and the thought of my own brothers cum in my pussy, wow, there was nothing like it and not one of our friends had any clue who we really were to one another. It was so hot, and continued on for years.

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