I Fucked Him For Toilet Paper

If someone had ever told me even a few weeks ago I’d be fucking a man for toilet paper, I’d have told them they were nuts! However in the current situation, toilet paper is being used as currency by some people, it’s sheer insanity. This man in my condo building has always been one of these buy in bulk sorts and we’d make fun of him, with his gallon sized mayonnaise jars and his hundred roll packs of toilet paper. No one’s laughing now. I always knew he had the hots for me, but I wasn’t interested in him whatsoever.

He’d seen me come back from shopping the last few weeks with not very much in my bags, it’s just not there to buy. So I hear this knock at my door and he’s standing there like a grinning fool with toilet paper and asking me if I need some. I actually did and I asked him how much he wanted for it. It never occurred to me there would be anything other than money involved, but it wasn’t money he was seeking. He wanted to fuck me. For toilet paper. I was incredulous, but I was also down to my last half roll and I’d not been able to find any. I knew he had a lot. I was pissed off at the thought, but figured a few minutes with him would set me for the next several days and I’d hunt for some after.

I invited him in and we went to my bedroom. He undressed and so did I and my most bizarre sexual encounter unfolded. Me laying on the bed and spreading while he climbed on top and fucked my non moving, unenthusiastic body. He soon came and left the roll on the bedside table before leaving. He said I knew where to find him when I ran out. My God the world has gone crazy. I pray I can find some before having to give in to him again.

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