I’m Going To Shave Your Head


One wouldn’t think that a man could get turned on by a woman with her hair in curlers or watching her get a perm or shaving their head if they didn’t do as they were told, but you’d be wrong. There are guys with beauty salon fantasies, fantasies gone awry. Can a fantasy even go awry? Isn’t that the whole point, that a fantasy can be weird, wild and make no sense at all? The man in question that has these hair salon fantasies also wants to be permed and shaved himself.

Tight, curly perms, roller sets, a hair setting fetish in the extreme, being turned into a “beauty salon sissy” as he puts it. And if there is any kind of a fight put up, it’s going to be shaved smooth as a billiard ball and kept that way for some time as punishment. Hair is often referred to as a woman’s crowning glory, and the threat of it being shaved off as punishment would be terrible, I’d assume even an unwanted perm would be better than no hair at all.

Hair can so affect out appearance, it’s always amazed me how a woman can look attractive with long hair and as soon as it’s cut short a great deal of their appeal is gone. Years ago there was a show called “Felicity” where the lead actress had long hair and when she got it cut the rating went down considerable, it was incredible that hair alone could have such a dramatic effect, yet it did. I know I’ve always felt more feminine with longer hair and mine’s nearly to my waist, so someone threatening to shave my head would be quite a traumatic situation. Hair has always had power and likely always will.

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