I’ve Always Been Curious About Other Women


While I wouldn’t say I get lots of lady callers, they do seem to be getting more frequent than they were. Maybe more women are just accepting their same sex curiosities and are more open to exploring them on the phone with other women. Some, most really, have never had a same sex encounter and are curious to explore what it would be like. Some male callers even will say when they are fucking their wives they discuss bringing another woman into their bed but their wife is just too reluctant to take that final step and make it a reality, afraid someone would find out what they are up to.

Some that call have had a few experiences with women and loved them and wish they had the opportunities for more. People are more bisexual than they think and have curiosities. Not all people certainly, but many more than the average person would assume. Some operators do not like when ladies call and will not even talk to them. Personally I like lady callers and wish I got more of them. They are more polite than most men, last longer, what’s not to like? I wish I got them every single day!

Lesbian porn is fairly popular among men, they do love to see the ladies getting friendly with each other and are very turned on by watching them frolic together for the most part. It’s just so easy for women to get free phone sex in chat rooms or on chat lines with other women though, they don’t usually need to pay to find someone like men usually do. It’s good though that some are finding this a more comfortable topic to chat about though and they can reach out to someone.

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