Lazy Afternoon

One thing many of us are having these days with the lockdown is many lazy afternoons. Years ago there was a daytime drama promotion “Love in the Afternoon”, it was a great promotion for the soaps. Lots of love in the afternoons now with ones home from work and able to fuck their partners, and ones masturbating a lot more than usual as well. One man last week said “there’s nothing else to do”, and he’s been beating off four times a day he estimates. Who knew quarantines would lead to such active masturbation habits!?

I was relaxing with my shelter in place lover and we were talking and touching and he suddenly had me lean back into him and his hand went down my panties and began to rub my pussy, making it become rather wet rather quickly. It just felt wonderful to let him deliver me all this pleasure. His hand on my breast caressing it, teasing my pussy and I just laid there and luxuriated in his expert touch. I swear he knows my body as well as his own. He knows what I like and how I like it. The feel of his fingertips exploring my pussy and my clit had me dripping and my clit standing at attention at his sensual administrations.

Just loving how he touched me and that time was no object and we could play as much as we liked to. No deadlines, nowhere to be. I cannot say I haven’t enjoyed this respite from real life demands. I’ve had more sex in the last six weeks than in many years. It’s been hot and plentiful. After he rubbed my pussy to several orgasms, I returned the favor by stroking his hard cock until he shot his load. A touch can be a powerful thing.

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